Friday, April 24, 2009

100 Bowls of Compassion Gala at the National Building Museum

Join us Thursday, May 14th from 6-9:30 pm
at the National Building Museum for our
8th Annual 100 Bowls of Compassion Gala!
I'm happy to have 3 pieces in the silent art auction and even happier to contribute to this terrific event to help raise funds for Miriam's Kitchen. It's a beautiful event, please join us!

Tickets are $250 and will serve as your gateway to a night of gourmet cuisine, an open bar, live music and unique auction items.
If you've been to Bowls before, you may fondly remember the Lobster Purses, the Lamb Tagine or even the Black Eyed Pea Cakes. Lucky for you, these attendee favorites are making a comeback as we celebrate the Best of Bowls. Guests at this year's gala will feast on gourmet selections from each of the past 7 years, making this a can't miss event. View this year's menu!100 Bowls of Compassion is our largest source of revenue. In fact, we raised more than $300,000--nearly a third of our budget--last year! By leveraging in-kind donations and our dedicated volunteer base most effectively (the evening's meal is prepared and served by our volunteers, and much of the serving equipment and table linens are donated to us by Ridgewells), we are able to keep our costs for the event very low.

" Compassion is like the moon shining on one hundred bowls of water, so that there are one hundred moons, one in each bowl. This is not the moon’s design nor was it designed by anyone else. But for some strange reason there seems to be one hundred moons in one hundred bowls of water.”- Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Tibetan Meditation Master

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bridget's Bird Blog

On her very lovely bridbird blog, Bridget Farmer says the following:

"I've been looking into the myths and legends of crows and ravens for my new exhibition happening in September. I want to create a new body of work based on the positive beliefs about these birds rather than the ominous. I'm looking into subject matter such as two crows seen on your wedding day signifies an auspicious marriage due to the fact that crows mate for life and are very loyal. Also how the cry of the raven sounds like the latin word for 'tomorrow' which is 'cras' and therefore the romans interpreted it as an expression of eternal hope."

In addition to my 'Thinking Bird' above, learn more about the ravens and crows currently inspiring Bridget Farmer here: